custom projects
Metrekare, while creating carpets that change the atmosphere of our homes, it cares about this process as much as we do and implements its unique designs using carcinogen-free materials like Swiss dyes, natural madder, silk, nettle fiber, hemp, aloe and Tibetan mountain wool. Metrekare, who uses handcraftsmanship not only during weaving but in all production processes, implements the concept of “boutique carpeting” and every single piece is produced with impeccable care. Raw and natural materials, in the hands of expert dyers and weavers, find new lives as young-spirited, specially textured and contemporary colored carpets. Hand weaved carpets produced totally traditionally and with natural materials, are served under the Metrekare brand for striking arrangements of modern homes. 
Moreover, besides the regular collection, custom designed carpets are also available for Metrekare customers. Thus, it is possible to produce by the dimensions, materials, color schemes and patterns requested by customers. It is necessary just to imagine in order to possess that carpet you have always wanted, which reflects both you and your home, but never able to find.
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